This section of the API Data Protection Policy page specifies the type of DLP profile that triggers a policy violation.


API Data Protection now supports scanning files up to 128 MB for DLP and threat protection. The default file size is 32 MB. Contact Netskope support or your sales representative to configure a larger file size for your tenant. A few points to consider before enabling this enhancement:

  • With larger files, there may be an increased end to end latency for policy processing.
  • Plan for a increase in forensic/quarantine/legal hold data store size.

The encrypt policy action does not currently support larger than 32MB files. The action will therefore not work on files larger than 32MB.

  1. To use a data loss prevention (DLP) profile, select DLP and click Select Profile. Search for a DLP profile or choose one from the list, which includes both predefined and custom profiles. After selecting a DLP profile, click Save.
  2. When finished, click Next.
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