Netskope Help

DLP Profiles

A DLP profile is a collection of predefined or custom DLP rules, classifiers, and custom fingerprint rules. If any of the rules or classifiers match the content, then the DLP profile flags the content as a policy violation.

Using predefined profiles let you start evaluating loss of critical data in the cloud immediately. Creating new DLP profiles and rules enables you to refine custom methods of prevention. For insight about building custom DLP profiles and rules, refer to the DLP Best Practices Runbook.

The DLP Profiles page lists all the predefined and custom profiles. Profiles can be filtered by selecting a Profile Type, Industry, and Region from the drop-down lists on the top of the page. You can also use the search field to find profiles by entering a part of the profile name in the search field.

To open the DLP Profiles page, go to Policies > Profiles > DLP in the Netskope UI.