DLP Rules

DLP Rules

DLP rules can contain one or more of these elements:

  • Predefined data identifiers
  • Custom data identifiers


    The data identifiers have been renamed to provide meaningful names and description. They are also organized into meaningful categories and include tags which make them easy to search.

    For a complete list of the new names and categories of predefined data identifiers and their definitions, see DLP Predefined Identifiers.

  • Keyword identifiers from a dictionary file
  • RegEx expressions
  • Exact match criteria.

The DLP Rules page lists all the predefined and custom rules. Rules can be filtered by selecting a Rule Type and Region from the drop-down lists on the top of the page. You can also use the search field to find rules by entering a part of the name in the search field.

To open the DLP Rules page, go to Policies > Profiles > DLP > Edit Rules and select Data Loss Prevention in the Netskope UI.

Migrate Existing Custom Rules

To migrate your existing custom rules to use the new names of identifiers, you must edit the rule.

  1. Click on a custom rule to open the Edit DLP Rule screen.
  2. Click Next on the following screens until you see Update Rule.
  3. Click Update Rule and then click Apply Changes.
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DLP Rules

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