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Netskope Help

Dynamic URL Classification

Dynamic URL classification looks at the textual contents of a page and dynamically determines the category for the uncategorized URLs. This feature is turned off by default.

After a page has been dynamically categorized, the classification applies to all of your tenant instances. The page classification to a category expires every 12 hours so that if any changes occur to the page, the content is re-evaluated so the chosen category matches the current page content.

To use dynamic URL classification:

  1. Click Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Configuration and go to the Dynamic URL Classification section.

  2. Click Edit to turn this feature on or off. To use this feature, change the toggle to Enable and then click Save.

    Uncategorized URLs that are encountered during a users web browsing session will be dynamically classified into predefined categories.

  3. Click Policies > Profile > Web > URL Lookup to search for predefined and Custom Categories, plus report miscategorization.


    If the URL is miscategorized, use Custom Categories to define a custom URL category or Report Miscategorization.