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Netskope Help

Egnyte Audit Events

The following list of audit events are supported for Egnyte:

Login Audit Events

Event Name

Account lockout

Failed attempt

Failed login

Log in

Log out

Password reset

File & Folder Audit Events

Event Name

Add note

Copy file

Copy folder

Create download link

Create folder

Create link

Create upload link


Delete download link

Delete file

Delete folder

Delete folder - Parent

Delete from trash

Delete from trash folder - Parent

Delete from trash - Parent

Delete link

Delete - Parent


Download link

Download via link

Lock file

Move file

Move folder

Move folder - Parent

Move - Parent


Preview via link

Restore from trash

Restore - Parent

Unlock file


Upload via link

Permission Audit Events

Event Name

- Editor

+ Editor

Editor -> Full

Editor -> Owner

Editor -> Viewer

- Full

+ Full

Full -> Editor

Full -> Owner

Full -> Viewer

- Owner

+ Owner

Owner -> Editor

Owner -> Full

Owner -> Viewer

- Viewer

+ Viewer

Viewer -> Editor

Viewer -> Full

Viewer -> Owner