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Netskope Help

Enabling and Disabling Netskope Services for AWS

To enable or disable Netskope services on AWS accounts and edit other input parameters in the stack you created using add_accounts_cft.yml,

  1. Log into the AWS Management Console using the credentials of the AWS account you want to update and navigate to Services > CloudFormation.

  2. Click on the stack created using add_accounts_cft.yml and click Update.

  3. In the Update stack page, select Use current template and click Next.

  4. In the Specify stack details page, edit the parameters. For instance, if you want to disable threat and malware scans, set the value of MalwareScan to false. Click Next.

    For information, see "Provide input parameters in the stack details page" section in Automatically add new accounts to Netskope.

  5. In the Configure stack options page, use the default configuration, and click Next.

  6. Review your stack details on the Review page, click the acknowledgment and then click Update stack.