Netskope Help

Enabling Data Protection for Azure Blob Storage

To configure an Azure subscription for Data Protection,

  1. Register the Microsoft Event Grid in Azure. To learn more: Step 1/4: Register Microsoft Event Grid in Azure for Data Protection.

  2. Configure an Azure Active Directory Application. To learn more: Step 2/4: Configure an Azure AD Application for Data Protection.


    You can configure multiple subscriptions for DLP Scan and Threat Protection (Malware Scan) with the same Azure Active Directory Application.

  3. Assign permissions to scan Blob storage. To learn more: Step 3/4: Assign Azure Permissions for Data Protection.

  4. Add the Azure Subscription to the Netskope tenant. To learn more: Step 4/4: Add the Azure Subscription to the Netskope tenant for Data Protection.


Netskope normalizes the term "Account" to help with cross CSP summaries. Netskope normalized “Account” field maps to Azure Subscription.