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Netskope Help

Enabling Forensics for Azure Blob Storage

To configure your Azure Blob Storage as a forensic destination,

  1. Ensure that you have Blob storage with a storage account and a container within the storage account. You can use existing resources or create new resources.


    Netskope recommends that the container in the storage account is specifically used to store forensic data only.

  2. Configure an Azure Active Directory Application. To learn more: Step 1/3: Configure an Azure AD Application for Forensics.

  3. Assign permissions to store objects in the Blob storage. To learn more: Step 2/3: Assign Azure permissions to store forensic objects.

  4. Add the Azure Subscription to the Netskope tenant. To learn more: Step 3/3: Add the Azure Subscription to the Netskope tenant for Forensics


Netskope normalizes the term "Account" to help with cross CSP summaries. Netskope normalized “Account” field maps to Azure Subscription.