Factory Reset Appliance

Factory Reset Appliance

You can use factory reset to restore the appliance to it’s original state. A factory reset will permanently delete all the configurations and data on the appliance and cannot be recovered.


Before you run a factory reset, ensure the following:

  • Download the current version of the software.
  • Take a backup of the necessary configuration and data files. For information on how to export and import your configurations, see Export or Import Configurations.

To run a factory reset on an appliance,

  1. In the Netskope shell, run show version-info to identify the current version of the software running on the appliance.
  2. Download the software package from the Netskope UI by navigating to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > On-Premises Infrastructure.
  3. Verify that the package is downloaded and the package name includes _current.


    If the downloaded package is not the same as the current software version on the appliance, the factory reset will not complete.

  4. In the Netskope shell, run reset full.

    The command will return a confirmation prompt to confirm that you want to proceed.

  5. If you want to proceed with the factory reset, type yes.

    After reset, the appliance will reboot and prompt you to login.

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Factory Reset Appliance

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