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Fixed Issues for Management Plane Appliance Version 53.8.0

The following fixed issues are included in this release.

Issue Number




MP On-Premises appliance is down with failure errors

MP On-Premises appliance was down due to hardware failure.


Log file status showed "uploading in Process" even though the file has been uploaded

The log file status was not correctly updated due to a failed attempt to forward an event.

83672, 75647

SNMP alert generated every 24 hours for cfgagent service in lccloudsync-log container

The cfgagent service in lccloudsync-log container was being restarted every 24 hours which caused an SNMP alert to be generated every time the service was restarted.


SNMP alert, deviceStatusNotif generated on a log processing appliance

This issue is related to 80157 and was caused due to incorrect updates to the log file status.