Fixed Issues for On-Premises Appliance Version

Fixed Issues for On-Premises Appliance Version

The following fixed issues are included in this release.

Issue NumberIssueDescription
224327Show route command not working with ipv6 interfaceNew CLI added to display IP routes:CLI > show route main <v4|v6> CLI > show route interface <interface_name> <v4|v6>

For example: show route interface dp1 v4


The show route interface ... command only works if all of the following conditions are met:

1. The interface is not configured as the default gateway.

2. The interface does not have DHCP enabled.

3. TAP is not enabled on the interface.

4. The IP address, gateway, and netmask are all configured on the interface.

130282While upgrading OPLP, the software errors out due to not enough disk spaceAfter an upgrade, old files are cleaned up to reduce the probability of running into space related issues.
249742Unable to clear OPLP infrastructure alert “1 file not uploaded within24-48 hours”Alarm of “1 file not uploaded within 24-48 hours” is not raised due to incorrect processing of a log file of 0 bytes. The processing of such a file has been corrected.
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Fixed Issues for On-Premises Appliance Version

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