Fixed Issues for Virtual Appliance Version 110.0.0

Fixed Issues for Virtual Appliance Version 110.0.0

The following fixed issues are included in this release.

Issue NumberIssueDescription
165909You can now use the parameter that identifies devices for expansion with the nsshell command for expanding the partition.
Without the parameter, the first free device is used to expand the partition.
Use the following command: troubleshooting expand-partition log disk
For example: nsappliance> troubleshooting expand-partition log disk /dev/sdc
250260The deprovision command was removed from nsshell.You can use the reset command to reset the appliance.
To preserve the networking configuration, use the reset retain-network command.
255912CDPP key data is cleaned up after resetting an appliance.Fixed.
258384Under normal conditions, after you enter your license key, the output should stabilize after 5-10 minutes. The Boolean fields of the output must be true and the tethering info section must be populated. If any of the Boolean fields are false, the tethering process was unsuccessful.
The following is an example of the output for a successfully tethered appliance:
nsappliance> status tethering
Tethering status
"tethering_status": {
"cfg_serial_file_synced": true,
"cloud_serial_file_synced": true,
"serial_files_match": true,
"cfgagent_connected": true,
"callhome_reachable": true
"precheck_status": {
"required_images_present": true,
"required_containers_running": true
Contact Netskope Support. Netskope can use this information to pinpoint which part of the tethering process did not work as expected. Do not attempt any log uploads while waiting for tethering to complete.
264800When performing the upgrade {package_type} prepare operation, the disk space insufficient message is displayed if there’s not enough free disk space.Fixed.
266291The upgrade command now displays the correct error message when encountering an error during version verification.Fixed.
286465Nsshell was enhanced with tethering information.Use the status tethering command to view the appliance's tethering status.
290320Improved the error message for package checking during software upgrades.Fixed.
296483Fixed the issue in the 103 version where the alarm did not trigger when auto upgrade failed before the download stage.Fixed.
306182The auth proxy alarm was removed.Fixed.
306213Added a new nsshell command for extracting and uploading the debug package periodically.Use the following command:
troubleshooting debug-package auto-generate-and-upload-daily time

Note that the timezone used depends on the appliance machine configuration.

To disable this action, use the following command:
troubleshooting debug-package disable-auto-generate-and-upload
308771Added a new command for troubleshooting the proxy and deleting the urldb package in use.Use the following command: upgrade urldb uninstall

Note that the upgrade urldb delete command is used for clearing disk space and deleting the urldb package that is downloaded from the MP. It doesn’t delete the urldb package used by the proxy. You can also use the show version-info command to display the urldb package the proxy uses.
322207You can’t enable the OPLP and DPOP modes on an appliance at the same time. The following commands are mutually exclusive:

  • set log-upload enable true

  • set dataplane forward-proxy enable true

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    Fixed Issues for Virtual Appliance Version 110.0.0

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