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Fixed Issues In Hotfix Release 100.1.0

Here is the list of fixed issues in this release.

Issue Number




Advanced Analytics

SaaS Visibility Dashboard: Corrected custom expression for widget '#Apps with Low Trust Scores' to include applications with ‘unknown’ CCL.


Platform Services

Netskope fixed an issue where Policy Drag and Drop caused group with pagination, that is where policy group falls under multiple pages causing re-order issue.


Traffic Steering

IoCreateDeviceSecure() is used to control access to the driver for every IOCTL. By using this with security descriptors, only system or admin processes are allowed to open a handle.


Traffic Steering

Fixed an issue where when self-protection was enabled on Windows, Netskope certificate cannot be imported into the Firefox certificate store.


Traffic Steering

Fixed an issue where existing bypass TCP connection was blocked when failClose was activated on tunnel disconnection.


Traffic Steering

Client enforcement failed due to invalid ELF header. To fix this issue, libxmljs Intel version was redeployed.