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Fixed Issues In Hotfix Release 91.1.0

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release.

Issue Number


Issue Description


Advanced Analytics

The old encryption mycrypt library was deprecated due to possible security issues. This means you cannot import the saved exported data back to Advanced Analytics. All dashboards exported before 91.1 will no longer work and need to be re-exported after 91.1 to be imported. Due to FedRamp upgrades, the encryption libraries are changed to a better library.


CASB Real-time Protection

Earlier, some sites were not accessible when HTTP/2 was enabled and returned HTTP status code 103 (early hints). This issue is fixed now.


CASB Real-time Protection

Fixed an issue where the iOS Mail app failed to sync emails whenever a threat protection policy was configured.


CASB Real-time Protection

The edit activity from OneDrive Native app was getting blocked when there was a block policy for non-corporate instances. This issue is fixed now.


Netskope Private Access (NPA)

Fixed an issue where it was unable to run a troubleshooter against a browser access private application.



Fixed an issue where some sites such as Instagram failed to load correctly whenever an inline threat protection policy was configured.


Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Fixed a user interface (UI) issue that prevented RBI customers from editing isolation policies if source criteria (for example, user, access method, and so on) were present. Prior to this fix, editing an isolation policy with source criteria automatically resets the action to alert and removed isolate from the action menu.


Traffic Steering

Fixed the user name missing intermittent problem on the device page.


Traffic Steering

Fixed an issue where multiple users were reported incorrectly under a single device.