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Fixed Issues In Hotfix Release 98.1.0

Here is the list of fixed issues in this release.

Issue Number




DNS Security

Netskope fixed an issue where events failed to get generated when a flow closes before the policy lookup was done. This was fixed as DPI feature enabled Cloud Firewall to take few packets for application identification. After the application is identified, the policy is applied and flow events are generated.

In case if flow is stopped before the policy lookup is done Firewall will send the flow open and close event with Policy Action as None.


Netskope Private Access (NPA)

Netskope resolved an issue where an attempt to delete publisher through API Gateway failed to delete an existing publisher.


Threat Protection

Netskope fixed an issue where you were unable to solve or bypass CAPTCHA challenges when CTEP was enabled.


Traffic Steering

In this release, Netskope fixed a network packet dropping issue when local proxy was configured and Fail Close was enabled.


Traffic Steering

Fixed an issue where traffic was tunnelled when the Client is disabled.


Traffic Steering

Netskope added clarification regarding the steering exceptions when applied to the Netskope Cloud as well as the differences of CASB exceptions between macOS and Windows devices. To learn more: Enabling Dynamic Steering.


Traffic Steering

Netskope fixed Client driver issue which lead to no UI response in some environments.


Traffic Steering

Fixed an issue where Windows Client sends an event timestamp with future time.


Traffic Steering

Fixed a potential disconnection due to download steering config failure with timeout issue.


Traffic Steering

The Steering configuration link that visits the Default tenant config under Configuration on the Troubleshooter results page is fixed.