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Fixed Issues In Release 100.0.0

Here is the list of fixed issues in this release.

Issue Number




API Data Protection

An issue was fixed by increasing the processing time of quarantine restore operation.


API Data Protection

Fixed an issue with ingestion of Slack Enterprise notifications spanning across multiple pages in the Slack Enterprise notifications response.


API Data Protection

With this fix, Slack Enterprise dashboards shows correct information for instances having unicode characters.


CASB Real-time Protection

Netskope fixed an issue for Outlook where clicking on an attachment in photos tab was generating metadata traffic for all the thumbnail images which was generating many download events. These event have been suppressed now.


CASB Real-time Protection

Netskope fixed an issue where Collect Email Address was detected as FormShare was getting blocked by policy. This issue was fixed by adding support to disable Restrict to users in <company instance> which enables FormShare in Google Drive now.


CASB Real-time Protection

Netskope fixed an issue where Upload activity to Microsoft Outlook was not detecting the from_user field due to which the instance ID was missing intermittently. This occurred while attaching a file through desktop.


CASB Real-time Protection

Fixed an issue in Amazon S3 application where from_storage attribute was not displayed in the events for copy activity. This was fixed by updating the from_storage attribute extraction logic in the app signature to display the correct from_storage value. The fix is backward compatible and works for both old and new traffic patterns.


CASB Real-time Protection

An issue where database value was getting overwritten, when two accounts logged in caused to display wrong instance_id. This was fixed by skipping the DB lookup and extracting instance from the traffic.


CASB Real-time Protection

An issue where Microsoft Teams One Drive under Files was inaccessible through Rproxy is fixed now.


CASB Real-time Protection

An issue that occurred when Reverse Proxy as a service and Client installed was fixed by providing SAML auth flow to bypass reverse proxy.


CASB Real-time Protection

This fix allows you able to view the policy data without being stuck on the loading screen.


CASB Real-time Protection

Netskope fixed Bypass customer source IP address/range option in AuthProxy by removing strict host bit set check when CIDR notation was used.


Classic Reports

A UI issue was fixed by renaming the report name or deleting the row by selection the bulk action above the table.


Cloud Confidence Index (CCI)

Netskope fixed an issue where customized Apps were turned to pending state after every deployment. This caused high load on database resulting in UI timeout.


Data Protection

Netskope fixed an issue for missing metadata matches on the DLP Incident Details page. This happened when there were matches to metadata text and also classification-based DLP Profile or File filter-based DLP Profile for the same input file.


Data Protection

Netskope fixed an issue in DLP Incidents where the rule name was incorrectly reported. If a DLP Profile uses a File Profile as its only constraint and an incident is created as a result of a match, the File Profile name is recorded as the Rule Name in the incident. The error occurred if a user updated the File Profile name without any other updates to the File Profile.


Data Protection

Netskope fixed an issue and added a new feature DLP_DEDUPLICATE_MATCHES where DLP detects entities that are a subset or substring of another entity's match text.

182349, 213939

Data Protection

Netskope fixed an issue to hide the Download Object option on DLP Incidents Details page for IaaS apps.


DNS Security

Netskope fixed an issue where CFW DNS security was not working for TXT and ANY type DNS queries.


Endpoint DLP

Fixed an issue in Endpoint DLP where Users/Groups used in a policy may not evaluate correctly if the computer is offline.


Endpoint DLP

Fixed an issue where the Endpoint DLP agent on some devices with multiple root USB controllers were not installing the device control driver correctly even on restarting, resulting in disabling of device control.


Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)

Netskope fixed a crash issue which occurred during the IPSec tunnel cleanup whenever the tunnel was getting created and deleted quickly.


Netskope Private Access (NPA)

Bulk delete operation through API Gateway is not supported. For this release, bulk delete is  supported only through the UI.


Netskope Private Access (NPA)

Netskope fixed an issue by updating tag names to restrict to a 30-character limit on the UI.


Netskope Private Access (NPA)

Netskope fixed an issue where Client failed to stop NPA right after starting it. This fix enhanced the way to stop NPA.


Netskope Private Access (NPA)

Netskope fixed an issue where invalid parameters supplied to API Gateway returns a generic exception.


Netskope Private Access (NPA)

Netskope fixed a race condition which caused the Client to refuse NPA to start. The issue was fixed by adding lock to protect the state variable.


Netskope Private Access (NPA)

An issue was fixed where applications without publisher DNS that are expected to return 191.x.x.x IP goes to publishers and resolves a real endpoint IP through publisher.


Netskope Private Access (NPA)

The windows API function that Client used treated comma delimiter (,) in the key value of certificate keys as two values this caused invalid format. This fix updates the Windows function to treat the key value as one.


Platform Services

Netskope fixed an issue where RBAC v2 custom role based admin was not listed in the Assign admin list on the Incident > DLP page.


Platform Services

Netskope fixed an issue where Pending Changes were not visible for Private and Email Outbound policy when role has network location scope.


Platform Services

Fixed an issue where an admin without permission to Real-time Protection Policy page edits the Policy Groupundefined policy group picker component was displayed.


Platform Services

Netskope fixed an issue where RBACv2 was enabled in Incidents > DLP > Details page new administrators created with rw privilege were not able to see forensics information.


Platform Services

QuarantineLegal Hold and Forensic under Predefined Role > Delegated Admin > Profiles had Manage privilege instead of Manage and Apply. This issue is fixed now.


Platform Services

Netskope fixed a usability issue. Users can now close the top error banner by clicking the exclamation icon on the left of the message banner or reload the page.


Skope IT

Netskope fixed an issue by adding tooltips to help describe the purpose and usage of incident id and differentiate it from DLP incident id.


Traffic Steering

With the macOS Ventura release, on Ventura Vitural Machine (VM) we observed an intermittent issue, where traffic was not passing through the tunnel. Netskope is closely working with Apple's engineering team to get a fix for this issue.


Traffic Steering

Fixed an issue where Incorrect steering Config was pushed to different user group by disabling reordering while searching.


Traffic Steering

Netskope fixed an issue where Microsoft Teams on Android was not able to enroll when ADFS was configured.


Traffic Steering

From iOS 16 onwards, the spaces in the device name will be replaced by '-' and special characters will be removed. For example, when the device name is ‘Dave’s iPad’, the device name reported in the WebUI will be ‘Daves-iPad'.


Traffic Steering

Fixed network degradation issue in All traffic mode.


Traffic Steering

Netskope fixed an issue by filtering and bypassing Webdav Traffic in Netskope Client.


Traffic Steering

Netskope fixed an issue by providing custom domain port steering support for domain or port in All traffic mode.


Traffic Steering

An issue was fixed by enhancing the detection of "other steering methods" such as GRE, upon static proxy, pac file change. This fix is only for Windows.


Traffic Steering

Netskope fixed an issue by steering NTP traffic (port 123) through Cloud Firewall.