Fixed Issues In Release 106.0.0

Fixed Issues In Release 106.0.0

Here is the list of fixed issues in this release.

Issue NumberCategory Description
267250API Data ProtectionFixed an issue on the Connected App / Plugin Profiles page where the entire list of App / Plugin profiles was not displayed when editing profiles.
267242API Data ProtectionFixed an issue with Google and Gmail application webhook subscription, where subscription renewal for tenants with a large number of users failed due to incorrect expiration check logic.
252401CASB Real-time ProtectionExtended connector support to a new file Upload navigation in the native iOS app for OneDrive.
239037CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue by supporting List download as CSV file format for SharePoint with Create. Fixed the issue with SharePoint ‘Lists’ download as a CSV file.
280106CASB Real-time ProtectionAdded support to cover batch update workflows in OneDrive.
270084CASB Real-time ProtectionWith this fix, you will be able to access services in AWS through Reverse Proxy.
268008CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue where DLP file inspection was being skipped based on file size.
270224CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue which occurs when a user logs into two different AWS Instances (Accounts) simultaneously in one web browse and the from-user gets falsely swapped.
252401CASB Real-time ProtectionExtended connector support to a new file Upload navigation in the native iOS app for OneDrive.
254956CASB Real-time ProtectionMultipart enabled tenant, The upload activity logic is enhanced to generate upload events on the actual upload packet for non-chunked uploads, while events are still generated on the upload finish packet for chunked uploads.

For Non-Multipart-supported tenants, events are generated on both the actual file upload contents and the upload finish packet. However, it should be noted that the finish packet events are not supported for policy actions.

263542CASB Real-time ProtectionEnhanced Instance ID efficacy for Post activity in Microsoft Teams connector.
255819CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue where UI was allowing duplicate Instance entries.
263557CASB Real-time ProtectionAdded domain traffic to be detected as Salesforce app traffic for improved activity detection.
267239CASB Real-time ProtectionEnhanced Azure upload logic to prevent False Positives.
267125CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue where  StartStopTerminate, and Reboot Instance activities were not getting detected due to App traffic change. The issue was fixed by enhancing the connector to match the new traffic patterns.
266068CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an app instance tagging json corruption issue.
279681CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope now supports federated login for ChatGPT, this controls the application by single policy and mapping login attempt based activities to ChatGPT and not to the federated account used.
This led to incorrect policy mapping in the past and resulted in some policy not adhering to policy actions set. 

Note: This feature is deployed as part of dynamic deployment executed on August 2nd.
273816CASB Real-time ProtectionCertain Download activities in HubSpot were not generating policy alerts. This is now fixed.
263404Cloud Confidence Index (CCI)Fixed an issue where editing tag was enabled for Select All option in CCI landing page. Issue was fixed by disabling edit tag option when all the Apps are selected.
266067Cloud Confidence Index (CCI)Fixed an issue with Inline Policy where CCI App Tags being used as a match condition were failing policy match.
276899Digital Experience Management (DEM)Fixed an issue where error message “We seem to be experiencing some issues currently – please try again later” on the DEM pages. This happened if you run a large report. The report still runs, and you can close the popup at any time.
198559Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)Fixed an issue where Endpoint DLP incidents displayed 0 violations, even if discovered.
266513Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)Upgrading to R106 Endpoint DLP causes fewer disruptions in USB device connectivity. USB devices will be reset less often to load the new USB driver.
267334Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)The OS filter for Endpoint Content Events and Alerts now works for macOS Endpoint DLP agent data.
259023Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)Fixed a file corruption issue that occurred occasionally (for multi-GB files).
277068Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)The Windows Endpoint DLP agent now supports “Client Configuration Encryption”. The macOS agent does not work when “Client Configuration Encryption” was enabled.
258137Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)The Windows Endpoint DLP Device Control driver (epdlp_dev_ctrl.sys) has several new enhancements to avoid problems with USB and Bluetooth devices when upgrade occurs. These include:
  • Backwards compatibility: if a USB device is in use during upgrade so the R105 driver cannot be unloaded, the R105 driver can continue to be used until a reboot occurs.
  • Better detection of hardware host controllers that cannot be reset results in fewer disconnects of Bluetooth devices.
  • Better checking of USB driver error states eliminates situations where loading the new Device Control driver may cause an error/retry state.
179280Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)Endpoint DLP policies using OU as a user group did not work. This defect was fixed in R106.
265755Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)Resolved an issue by newly created role unable to edit or delete since Release 103.
278545Netskope Private Access (NPA)Private application configuration UI internal problem when clientless host shortening was enabled but hostname was not previously shortened is now fixed.
275142Netskope Private Access (NPA)An internal issue that prevented admin from accessing discovered applications on the Private application configuration UI is now fixed.
251886Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed an issue where the incorrect category might be set in an alert for a transaction that matches both an SSL Do Not Decrypt rule and a Real-time Protection category based Block rule.
258184Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed an issue where the order of certain header fields in HTTP/2 response were not being maintained in few cases.
270042Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)The from_users in justification events handled properly where earlier when from_user is empty it was showing as {{NS_FROM_USER}}.
270070Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed issue of real time protection policy showing duplicate user groups when groups are renamed.
270871Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed issue when IPS block action occurred on some tenants, no user notification was generated.
273868Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed an issue where Edge browser was detected as Safari. With this fix, browser details are detected correctly when user uses Edge browser in iOS platforms.
278400Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)This fix resolves the issue where DLP for ChatGPT application when DLP sensitive data is after 512 bytes in the POST request payload does not work by increasing the internal limit in the code from 512B to 16KB.
279669Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Removed Carriage Return (CR) and Line Feed (LF) at the end of ‘cs-uri’ and ‘cs-uri-query’ fields which could happen in a rare case.
267940Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Added username details into CTEP events for GRE/IPSEC access methods.
269851Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)The HTTP Profile save no longer splits the strings when provided commas when Exact Match is selected.
258312Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Optimised real time protection policy diff checking algorithm for faster execution in certain cases, to avoid timeout failures while applying changes.
265840Platform ServicesWhile importing multiple source IP’s and Tunnel configurations, there is a possibility that source IP’s gets updated but tunnels are not created.

This code change makes sure that these scenarios are addressed and the error ‘Tunnel Name already exist’ is not visible.

272496Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)Fixed an issue where an incorrect API was called for all category based policies and removing the existing policies. This fix validates the API calls only for the RBI policy.
13339Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)Fixed an issue that prevented Dropbox login page from loading in isolation. use of specific custom headers by the RBI service was causing an error in the response. After the fix, the request headers have been modified and the login page loads correctly in isolation.
269389Traffic SteeringFixed an issue with enablement of ‘Protect Client configuration and resources’ on Tamperproof Client Configuration page. It might cause NS Client failing to import Netskope certificate to Firefox certs store.As a result, Firefox users see the popup certificate validity warnings.
263568Traffic SteeringFixed an issue by enlarging the maximum quantity of destination network exceptions of steering configuration.
275106Traffic SteeringEarlier, HTML symbols were added, they would be converted to HTML entities on saving. However, there was no check in place to decode these special characters before displaying them in the WebUI.

We have now implemented a check to address this issue. As a result, the symbols will be shown in the correct format.

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Fixed Issues In Release 106.0.0

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