Fixed Issues In Release 116.0.0

Fixed Issues In Release 116.0.0

Here is the list of fixed issues in this release.

Issue NumberCategoryDescription
448920API Data ProtectionFixed an issue where the DLP Policy Hit filter under API-enabled Protection > CASB API (CLASSIC) > <SaaS App> > Files failed to display any policy entries despite having policies.
448268API Data ProtectionFixed an issue where there was a discrepancy in IRM labels being applied between Microsoft OneDrive and Netskope.
447656API Data ProtectionFixed an issue where the Alert Type field under Skope IT > EVENTS & ALERTS > Application Events did not display the policy value for action type IRM Protect.
445656API Data ProtectionYou can now filter Microsoft 365 SharePoint Sites audit events by site name. To do so, navigate to Skope IT > EVENTS & ALERTS > Application Events or Alerts, then you can run a Skope IT query like `site eq sites/sales`.


This change is only applicable to:

  • to new events created post release 116 deployment.

  • if the audit event from Microsoft contains a valid site URL.

441947Classic API Data ProtectionFixed an issue where a Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Sites event was missing in Classic API Data Protection dashboard. However, it was visible in Skope IT > Application Events. This was because the app value was missing for the app name.
451370CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue with ‘instance’ detection in Microsoft 365 Teams real-time policies. As a general guideline, you are also advised to switch to the “New Teams” due to recent issues observed with “instance/activity detection” on “Classic Teams.” This is in accordance with Microsoft’s recommendation for the same.
To learn more: End of availability for classic Teams client
409300Data ProtectionImproved the efficacy of the “Full Names (US)” Entity by recategorizing several ambiguous names. For example, the entity no longer matches tokens like “Jane Doe”.
432889Data ProtectionFixed an error condition in the Advanced Options section of the DLP rule to display an error message, if the expressions are connected using the NEAR operator without two valid operands.
452156 Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)Fixed an issue with Printer Content Control that prevented policies from matching on printer device information correctly when they were used with Active Directory-published printers.
441924Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed a bug where a transaction that is allowed based on a cached user alert response might fail.
If a user initiates a transaction that triggers a user alert notification and chooses to proceed, the user justification will be cached for 30 minutes. Subsequent transactions from that user during that time will be allowed without the user seeing additional alerts. When the user justification is cached and the transaction is expected to complete, in some cases the transaction could fail or be incomplete. With this fix, the transaction is completed as expected.
435871Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)With this fix, Transaction events will not be generated for requests generated form internal listeners.
444133Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)When file more than 51 MB size was uploaded through MIME and a policy was hit, 2 events were generated for single file upload. This change fixes that and now only 1 event is generated for such files.
421249Netskope Private Access (NPA)Fixed an issue with Browser Access application creation using REST APIs to generate Public host.
444611Netskope Private Access (NPA)Fixed an issue where a prelogon configuration change resulted in private access user tunnel restarts.
418719Netskope Private Access (NPA)Restricted the Size of the Prelogon Device certificate to 10 KB.
456639Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)Isolated traffic between end user and cloud services is subject to content inspection such as DLP and TSS. Due to a regression, isolated traffic from a previously SAML authenticated user was incorrectly labeled as unauthenticated. This lead proxy to redirect the traffic again for SAML authentication. With this fix Netskope Proxy will not force SAML authentication again for isolated traffic from RBI engine.
22030Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)RBI waits five seconds to get the response from the user’s browsing site. In some conditions five seconds is not enough time to get the response and as a result, the system displays an error template to the user. With this fix, the timeout time is increased to 15 seconds.
441813SkopeITFixed an issue where “FormPost” activity was not getting reset/removed on removal of DLP profile from policy.


FormPost activity is supported only when DLP profile is applied to policy.

450735Traffic SteeringFixed an iOS bypassing traffic issue where the users cannot access critical internal apps after upgrading to version 114.0.5.
448002Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where the traffic mode is Web and DNS Security is enabled along with the non-standard port configuration (for example, 3478), and if the UDP packets are sent to, for example, 3478, the traffic was then getting tunnelled to Cloud Firewall. With this fix, the traffic gets bypassed.
397442Traffic SteeringWith this fix, Firewall TCP exceptions in All traffic mode do not support bypass at Netskope Cloud on all platforms.
386887Traffic SteeringWith this fix, the Netskope Client now bypass the DNS traffic for X DNS server in on-premise mode when X DNS server is added as a destination exception to bypass.
446703Traffic SteeringWhenever the admin attempts an upgrade, a copy of the original MSI file STAgent.msi is created and launched. These copies are removed once the upgrade is completed. When the upgrade failed continuously, these copies are not removed and accumulated over time. This issue is now fixed.
446763Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where the Netskope Client for iOS app memory usage exceeded the iOS per-app-memory limit.
441957Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where the network switch caused the NPA tunnel to disconnect in Android devices.
452999Traffic SteeringFixed a bypass list issue in Chrome Extension Before the fix, the bypass list configured from the MDM server would be skipped causing issues such as IdP login failure, unable to access app store, and traffic not bypassed for domains configured in the bypass list.
441791Traffic SteeringAsynchronous log mechanism can exceed iOS per app VPN mode memory limitation to cause the Netskope Client to stop. This issue is now fixed.
449207Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where a few applications failed since the Netskope Client could not handle the tunnel connection appropriately.
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Fixed Issues In Release 116.0.0

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