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Fixed Issues In Release 89.0.0

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release.

Issue Number



Issue Description


API Protection

Missing URL field

The malware file URL is missing in the Skope IT Alerts page when the file is detected as malware in the SaaS application. This is now fixed.


API Protection

Email notifications

Google app based policies failed to send email notifications to the "Acting User." This is now fixed.


API Protection

Audit events delay

Fixed an issue where subsequent audit events were delayed if there were brief periods of inactivity in the SaaS application.


API Protection

Restrict To View action updates

Fixed an issue where the "Restrict To View" functionality removed access to the file.

The new behavior for this functionality is as follows:

  • File owner will continue to have full access to the file.

  • Users having read-only access to the file will continue to have read-only access.

  • Permissions of users having write-access via "Direct Access" permissions will be changed to read-only access.

  • Anonymous read-only access links will remain as is.

  • Anonymous edit links will be removed.


API Protection

Google Team Drive update

Fixed an issue in a Google Team Drive listing where the Netskope API Data Protection failed to list files from users using an email alias.


API Protection

Slack message update

Fixed an issue where Slack messages failed to function when image files were used as tombstone content.


Behavior Analytics

Event timeline update

For some anomalous activity detections, the UEBA event timeline may show additional events exceeding or preceding the user’s activity window.


CASB Inline Protection

File View activity update

Changed "Download" label to "Preview" label when a file is opened in a browser for the Adobe Document application.

This fix removes confusion for users between the two actions when opening a file.


CASB Inline Protection

Rename activity update

Updated the "Rename" activity as a "Rename" event. This means, when users rename a file made in Adobe Document Cloud, it appears as a "Rename" event in Skope IT events.


CASB Inline Protection

Google calendar Restore event update

Added support for the new "Restore" activity for Google calendar.


Netskope for IaaS

AWS BPR predefined profile updates

The AWS BPR Predefined Profile has been updated. See the Appendix: Fixed Issue 134322 for details.



URL List REST API v2 error message details

URL lists that don't have all the required fields will no longer return a 500 Internal Server Error.

An error message detailing the missing properties in the JSON objects along with a 400 error code displays.


Threat Protection

IPSEC tunnel support

IKEv1 was removed from the default list of supported IPSec options.


Threat Protection

IPSec/GRE access method update for RBI

For the IPSec/GRE access method, the user ID was not correctly saved in the http session. This is now fixed.


Web UI

Access method error message

Fixed an issue when adding a private app to an existing policy, incorrectly displays an error message to add an access method when an access method already exists.