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Fixed Issues In Release 91.0.0

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release.

Issue Number


Issue Description


API Data Protection

Fixed an issue where Gmail user notifications are lost due to expired subscriptions resulting from user inactivity.


API Data Protection

Fixed an issue where Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint site-level permissions are not propagated to files on the site.


API Data Protection

While creating a new Real-Time Protection Policy for NPA, and when both Client and Browser Access options are selected for the Access method, the Browser option is incorrectly listed in the change confirmation model. This issue is now fixed.


Netskope Private Access

Fixed an issue where Browser Access SSL certificates terminated by a newline character are silently rejected. The certificates lacking a terminating newline are now accepted.


Netskope Private Access

Earlier, the private app did not display the hostname after you click View app details in the troubleshooter. This issue is now fixed.


Netskope Private Access

Fixed an issue in Publisher 1.4.6478 where users were unable to connect to UDP private app via hostname, unless access some private app earlier.



Previously, the Netskope client on macOS Big Sur and above failed to decrypt config files post-reboot and did not connect to the Netskope gateway in rare cases. This impacted the NS client with client configuration or branding file configuration set to be encrypted. This issue is now fixed.



The Netskope service was able to stop using a superuser account even after the password protection for the service stop feature is enabled. This issue is now resolved.



NS Client on Big Sur bypasses the UDP destined 443 and 80 ports traffic at OS level except for IP range-based exception. The issue is fixed now.



In the proxy configured environment, the servers are accessed with a short name and hence the connection will be bypassed by the Netskope client. The URL is considered as a short name if there is no . (dot) in the requested URL. This issue is now fixed.



Fixed an issue where Netskope Android App flushes the internal DNS cache if Private Access tunnel is also running along with Netskope CASB tunnel.