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Fixed Issues In Release

Here is the list of fixed issues in this release.

Issue Number



With this version, Netskope modified bind9 configuration to full forward mode. This avoids Domain Name System(DNS) requests sent to root servers.


CVE-2022-0778 is addressed by upgrading OpenSSL version that has vulnerability fix.


This version addresses an Issue by sending zero length packet from publisher when client closes the connections. The gateway now sends the Network event as soon as zero length packet is received.


Publisher's DNS resolution capability was enhanced to support DNS resolution to IPv6 addresses.


This version addresses an issue related to EDNS resolution error handling that caused the Publisher to crash.


This version addresses an issue made in R95 Publishers to send NEFLWCREATE and NEFLECLOSE events to syslog.


This version addresses an issue made to automatically upgrade system or OS updates with out waiting for user input.