Netskope Help

Get Started with Cloud Exchange

These instructions are for the Admin only. This section describes the initial steps for getting started with Netskope Cloud Exchange after installation is complete.

Default User Login

By default, a single user is created with administrative capabilities with these credentials: Username: admin Password: admin

This user will have Administrator level access to the application. This user will have write access, and will be able to create new users as well.

On the first login, you will be required to change these credentials. After that, log in using your new credentials.

Enable Modules

Upon successful login, enable the modules you want to use.


Enabled modules appear in the left panel.


Go to the following sections to configure the Cloud Exchange modules you enabled.

Configure the Netskope Tenant Settings for Cloud Exchange

Before configuring the plugins for the modules you just enable, add a tenant in Cloud Exchange.

  1. Log in to your Cloud Exchange tenant.

  2. Go to Settings and click Netskope Tenants.

  3. Click Add Tenant.

  4. Enter a name for your Netskope tenant.

  5. Enter your Netskope tenant name. Do not enter the <tenant_name>, URL. Enter just your tenant. For example, if it's, just enter mycompany. If your tenant has eu in the URL, enter

  6. Enter your Netskope tenant API token(s) obtained previously.

  7. Set the range for ingesting data from Netskope. In this case, set the Initial Range to 7 days to pre-populate Log Shipper.

  8. If you use a proxy, enable the proxy toggle.

  9. Click Save. Your tenant appears on the page.