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Netskope Help

GitHub Audit Events

The following list of audit events are supported for GitHub:

Event Name

Add (org) member

Add (repo) member

Add (repo) team

Add (team) member

Add (team) repository

Archive repository

Assign issues

Assign pull request

Block user

Build page

Close issue

Close milestone

Close project

Close pull request

Completed commit status

Convert project card

Create branch

Create commit comment

Create deployment

Create issue comment

Create label

Create market plan

Create milestone

Create page

Create project

Create project card

Create project column

Create pull request review comment

Create repository

Create tag

Create team

Delete branch

Delete issue comment

Delete label

Delete market plan

Delete milestone

Delete (org) member

Delete project

Delete project card

Delete project column

Delete pull request review comment

Delete (repo) commit status

Delete (repo) member

Delete repository

Delete tag

Delete team

Delete (team) member

Demilestone issue

Dismiss pull request review

Edit issue

Edit issue comment

Edit label

Edit market plan

Edit milestone

Edit page

Edit project

Edit project card

Edit project column

Edit pull request

Edit pull request review

Edit pull request review comment

Edit (repo) member

Edit team

Edit (team) member

Failed commit status

Failed deployment

Fork repository

Install app

Invite (org) member


Label pull request

Milestone issue

Move project card

Move project column

Open issue

Open milestone

Open pull request

Pending commit status

Pending deployment

Privatize repository

Publicize repository

Publish release

Push changes

Remove request review pull request

Reopen issue

Reopen project

Reopen pull request

Request review pull request

Start watch

Submit pull request review

Success deployment

Unarchive repository

Unassign issue

Unassign pull request

Unblock user

Unlabel issue

Unlabel pull request

Unsupported event