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Netskope Help

IdP Support

Cloud Exchange supports integrating with Identity Providers via SSO, though users can also be created locally on the box by the admin administrator that is logged in locally. There will only be one root admin. SSO should be the primary method of logging into CE, and where available, should leverage multi-factor authentication. There should be no other local users defined if possible.

Only users that require tokens should be provided roles that include token creation. Roles and users can be set up to have read-only only access. Use least privileged access to create roles with read-only access when possible for most users.

Password Management

There is currently no mechanism to enforce complex passwords or password expiration in Cloud Exchange. Again, SSO is expected to manage these advanced identity requirements. Account credentials should have an expiration and users should be prompted to reset their SSO password periodically.

The original admin should change its default password during the first session. If other users had to be defined locally, the administrator should periodically change their passwords via the GUI, although users can also be prompted to change their passwords manually in their own sessions via the Settings > Account > Change Password setting.