Importing IPSec Sites from a CSV File

Importing IPSec Sites from a CSV File


This feature is currently in Controlled GA. Contact your Sales Representative or Support to enable it. If you’re using the previous IPSec page, see IPSec.

You can import a CSV file with your IPSec site information. The CSV file can have up to 50 rows and can’t exceed 10 MB.

To add IPSec sites using a CSV file:

  1. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Traffic Steering > IPSec.
  2. Click New IPSec Site and then Import from CSV.
  3. Click Template to download the sample CSV file and use it as a template.
  4. In the CSV, enter your IPSec site information similarly:
    site name,source identity,source ip address,primary pop,failover pop,psk,maximum bandwidth,traffic type,rekey,additional pop,encryption cipher,reauth,xff header,xff ip list,notes,enabled
    IPSec-Site-HQ,,,NYC1,ATL1,netSk0pe,50,IoT,TRUE,"AMS1, ATL2, BCN1",AES128-CBC,TRUE,TRUE,",,",test1,TRUE
    The Import IPSec Sites window.
  5. Click Import.
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Importing IPSec Sites from a CSV File

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