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Netskope Help

Netskope Help

Welcome to Netskope Knowledge Portal. Use the search field or the navigation links in the left panel to find information.

New Layout

Top navigation menus display on the landing and article pages. Hover over the titles to find the articles you want.


The tiles on the landing page link directly to popular Netskope product documentation.


Article pages automatically collapse the left navigation panel. To expand the left navigation panel, click the hamburger icon beside the Netskope logo.


Viewing Options

  • Expand an Image: Hover over an image and click the Zoom icon UEBAMagnifier.png to enlarge it.

  • Filter Table Columns: In large tables, click the Filter button and select which columns to display.

  • Copy Section Heading Links: Hover next to a section heading to copy the URL for this article.

  • Copy Code Examples: Click the Clipboard icon to copy code examples.

  • Collapse Left Panel: Click the Stack icon beside the Netskope logo in the left navigation panel to collapse or expand it.

  • Print PDF: Click the Printer Icon in the top right corner of the page to save a PDF of the article.

  • Send Feedback: Click the Feedback link to send us recommendations for improving the Help content.

  • View Modification Date: Look at the bottom right corner of the page to see the last modification date of the article.


Unified Product Documentation

Instructions for the Netskope Security Platform UI and the Cloud Exchange UI are in this Help system.

Product Name Changes

Old Product Name

New Product Name


Risk Insights

Active Platform

Security Cloud Platform


API Data Protection


Real-time Protection

Netskope for SaaS

Netskope Cloud Access Security Broker

Netskope for IaaS

Netskope Public Cloud Security

Netskope for Web

Netskope Secure Web Gateway

Netskope for Private Access

Netskope Private Access