Netskope Help

Install Cloud Exchange

Only an Admin should install Cloud Exchange. The docker images are available on docker-hub. Make sure the volume can connect to docker-hub before executing the ./start command. Ensure docker authentication prior to running the docker-compose command.

For guidance on how to upgrade/migrate to the newest code, refer to one of these articles:

  1. Clone the netskopeoss/ta_cloud_exchange Github repository to a volume with with at least 20 GB of storage. Please note, clone to any folder other than /usr/local to avoid a conflict within Docker.

    mkdir netskope
    cd netskope
    git clone
    cd ta_cloud_exchange
  2. Execute the setup script and follow the steps:

    sudo ./setup
  3. Launch Cloud Exchange 3:

    sudo ./start

The Cloud Exchange UI is now accessible with the system’s IP (https://<ip>).

Note for BETA users. Run the following command during step 1 to download the beta version of a release in lieu of the git clone message run above: git clone -b beta During step 2, while executing the setup script, opt IN to beta to use the beta code rather than the default action of searching for the "latest" GA version.]

How to Generate and Install an SSL Certificate into Cloud Exchange

When first installed, Cloud Exchange does not require an SSL certificate and the web server can be reached over an unencrypted connection. This video shows how to use a setup script to create a self-signed certificate, or install a private cert, in order to encrypt access to Cloud Exchange.