Netskope Cloud Exchange

Install Cloud Exchange

Only an Admin should install Cloud Exchange.

  1. Go to the Cloud Exchange article in Knowledge Hub.

  2. Click the Cloud Exchange link to download the CE files.

  3. SSH into the system (Linux) where Netskope CE needs to be installed.

  4. Unzip the ta_cloud_exchange file:

    $ unzip
  5. Go into the ta_cloud_exchange directory after extracting the zip file. Locate docker-compose.yml

  6. Update the value of JWT_SECRET in the docker-compose.yml file to a secure string. This will be used to encrypt the authentication tokens.

  7. Optional. To replace the Netskope provided SSL certificate with a custom SSL certificate and key file.

    Replace the existing SSL certificate (cte_cert.crt) and key file (cte_cert_key.key) in the ssl_cert directory with custom certificate and key file using the same file names. Default location is ./data/ssl_certs, which can be changed from the docker-compose.

  8. Optional. Update the custom_plugins volume to store the user uploaded plugins in a different directory.

  9. Execute this command by using your password for the system you are on (for example, on a Macbook, enter your local login credentials for that Macbook):

    sudo docker-compose up -d


    The docker images are available on docker-hub. Make sure the connectivity to docker-hub is okay before executing the docker-compose command. Ensure docker authentication prior to running the docker-compose command.

  10. The CE UI is now accessible with the system’s IP. (https://<ip>)