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Netskope Help

Install the Client for Private Access

After adding users, the users receive an email with links to download the Client. The user must choose either the macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, or Chrome OS Client download. You must install version 65 of later of the Netskope Client to use Netskope Private Access.

  1. After receiving the email, the user needs to click the link for the appropriate platform for their device.

  2. When the download is complete, the user can install the Client.

  3. The Client should automatically start and show that it's connected.


The Client will register with the Netskope Private Access backend and will be ready to steer traffic.

Verify the Client is Steering a Private App
  1. Open a browser (or another client application).

  2. Try to access the private app. (Example:

  3. The user should be able to access it.

  4. Disable the Netskope Client.

  5. Try to access the private app. The user shouldn't be able to access it.

  6. Enable the Netskope Client again.