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Netskope Help

Integrate with Websense DLP

Netskope offers the capability to leverage your existing Websense DLP investment by integrating with the Netskope DLP engine. Netskope performs a first pass of DLP scanning of unstructured content in the cloud and sends the documents to the on-premises Websense Data-Security solution for the final verdict.

Websense Data-Security Configuration
  1. In the Triton admin console, go to Data-Security > Settings.

  2. Click on the ICAP server under System Modules.

  3. Check the box to enable ICAP on Websense Data-Security.

  4. Configure Protector for HTTP/HTTPS.

  5. Go to Main > Status > Traffic Log to check for traffic.

  6. View the incident data.


See Websense documentation here for additional details regarding enabling ICAP.