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Netskope Help


You can set up CrowdStrike integration through Netskope IoT Security UI.

Create a New CrowdStrike Integration Configuration

Follow the procedure to integrate CrowdStrike:

  1. Navigate to the Manage > Integrations menu. You will see a Create New Integration Configuration window.

  2. Set active or inactive state of the integration on creation.

  3. Give a unique name to the integration.

  4. Select the type as CrowdStrike from the dropdown list.

  5. Provide the CrowdStrike ID and secret key for CrowdStrike.

  6. Provide CrowdStrike base URL.

  7. Select consumer as compliance to calculate the compliance of the devices.

  8. Click Create Integration button.



    Click the Cancel button to forbid the action.

Edit Existing Integration Configuration

You can edit, enable, disable and delete the existing integrations. Follow the procedure to edit the integration:

  1. Navigate to the Manage > Integrations menu.

  2. Select an integration from the list on the right side of the screen. You will see a Edit Integration Configuration <name> window.

  3. You can activate or deactivate the integration configuration.

  4. You can edit the name, type, id, and secret key fields.

  5. Click Save Integrations” button.



    Click the Cancel button to forbid the action. Click the Delete button to delete the selected integration. You can not delete the integration when it is connected to the integration based compliance configuration.

Tag Integrations

You can configure third party integrations to pull tags that can be used to tag devices. Tags pulled from third party integrations can not be modified.