Netskope Help


Netskope supports Intune on-demand and per-app VPN for iOS devices, so you can provide users with access to corporate applications, data, and resources while keeping your sensitive information secure. For information about iOS VPN fail-open, refer to iOS VPN Fail Open.


Before you configure Intune:

  • If you want to use per-app VPN, make sure your Netskope tenant is provisioned in the Per-App VPN mode. Netskope tenants are set to on-demand by default unless specifically requested. To use per-app VPN, open a Support ticket to convert your tenant to Per-App VPN mode.

  • In the Netskope UI, go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > MDM Distribution. In the Certificate Setup section, copy the Tenant OU and Organization Name values, and then download the Netskope Root Certificate. These are needed to configure Intune certificate profiles.

  • On the same page, in the Create VPN Configuration section, copy the VPN Server Name and PAC URL. These are needed for configuring Intune VPN profiles. This section also shows the VPN mode that is currently configured.