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IPv6 Traffic Steering

Netskope supports enterprises with dual stack (IPv6 and IPv4) environments where internal networks have IPv6 and IPv4 implemented. The IPv6 functionality is supported across all Netskope Security Platform services, including Netskope for Web, Netskope for Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS), and the industry leading Netskope for Cloud Applications (SaaS) services. By default IPv6 support is enabled for all customers. 

All native IPv6 enterprises can use Netskope’s steering technology to reach Netskope’s Platform without any changes to their routing or address configurations. No modifications are required because native IPv6 is supported in our Client steering technology.  Through our support of IPv6 to IPv4 translation in the cloud, we extend the entirety of the Netskope Platform security protections from Client to cloud service provider as they traverse our Security Cloud.

Users that want to connect to a IPv6 website will have their IPv6 traffic steered by the Netskope Client to the Netskope Security Platform.  Traffic is then translated to IPv4 with IPv4 policies applied to that traffic.