Netskope Help

Isolation in an End User's Browser

Whenever there is a match for a given webpage with a policy with the action “isolate” the webpage is sent to RBI for isolation and the user gets the isolated (pixel rendered) version of the requested webpage. The end user will have a seamless experience, similar to browsing the original webpage.

There will be some minor differences in the isolated browsing experience, such as:

  • Initially, while the page is being prepared for isolation, users will see a Netskope Logo and the Tab title “Remote Browser Isolation”.

  • Once rendered, they will see a star [ * ] prefix in their browser’s tab title.

  • User actions are disabled to limit the interaction between the user and the isolated webpage for enhanced malware protection and data exfiltration.

    The list of disabled and limited actions:

    • File downloads disabled

    • File uploads disabled

    • Printing in isolation is disabled

    • Clipboard is limited to copy/paste in the isolated web pages

Whenever the user tries to perform any of the limited functions they will see a warning message.

For example: