List App Instances

List App Instances

This endpoint lists all your app instances.

Request Endpoint

GET https://<tenant-URL>/api/v1/app_instances?token=<token>&op=list

Valid parameters are:

opstringlistRequired. Operation performed.
Amazon Web Services | Amazon S3 | Amazon EC2 | Amazon DynamoDB | Microsoft Azure | Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint Sites | Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business | Box | Slack 
Required. Filters by app. Matches if value contains the search term. 
instance_idstringEx: 123451234512Optional. Filters by instance_id. Matches if value contains the search term.
instance_namestringEx: "MYAWS_GOSKOPE"Optional. Filters by instance_name. Matches if value contains the search term.
tagsstringSanctioned | UnsanctionedOptional. Filters by tag.
typestringAll | Custom | SyncOptional. Filters by type. Default is All.
sort_bystringinstance_id | instance_name | app | type | last-modifiedOptional. Determines the order of policy scan results. Default is app.
limitintegerPositive integer less than 5000REST API responses can return up to 5000 items in a single response. You can use pagination to retrieve more results. Limit defines the page size. If limit is not provided or set to 0, all records will be shown.
skipintegerPositive integerSkip over some of the items (useful for pagination in combination with limit). Skip decides the page amount. If limit is provided and skip is not, it will default to 0.

Example List App Instances Request

GET 'https://<tenant-URL>/api/v1/app_instances?token=xxx&op=list&sortby=app' 
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' 
--data-raw '{
"instance_id": "123451234512",
"instance_name":"New Instance-1",
"instance_id": "123451234513",
"instance_name":"New Instance-2",
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List App Instances

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