Netskope Cloud Exchange

List Tickets and Use Filter Options

Both Admins and Users can list Alerts. Ticket Orchestrator maintains the database of alerts captured from configured plugins. All users can list the available tickets, view ticket metadata, and filter the tickets.

  1. Go to Tickets. The Tickets list is paginated with a default count of 10 tickets displayed. The records are sorted in descending order of most recently created (by default) as shown in the “Created At” column - the order can be reversed by clicking on the up/down arrows next to the column header.

  2. After creating the desired filter (using the same method as was used for creating alert filter), click Apply Filter. Tickets matching the filtering criteria will be listed.

  3. To remove the custom filter, click the Delete Filter option. This removes the applied filter and fallbacks to the default ticker filter. Tickets matching the default filter will be listed.

  4. You can copy the filter string that can be used as a foundation of a business rule.

  5. You can also enter filter queries manually and can paste previously created filters.

  6. Expand ticket information by selecting the down carrot in the Ticket summary table.