Netskope Help

Login to the Appliance

The appliance has two different command prompts:

  • <hostname>: This is the nsshell prompt.

  • <hostname>(config): This is the configuration prompt (nsshell prompt in configuration mode).

To login to the virtual appliance,

  1. Connect to the virtual appliance console.

  2. Log into the virtual appliance using the credentials: nsadmin/nsappliance.


    You can change your password by using the following command.

    nsappliance> auth change-password nsadmin
    Enter new UNIX password: <newpassword>
    Retype new UNIX password: <newpassword>
    passwd: password updated successfully
  3. At the nsshell prompt, enter configure to go into configuration mode. The command prompt changes to nsshell configuration prompt (<hostname>(config)).

Now you are ready to configure the DNS server, system, and NTP server for the appliance.