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Netskope Help

Manage Configured User Risk Exchange Actions

Configured actions can be managed from User Risk Exchange > Actions .

Edit Actions

A write-access user can update an action or the parameters of an existing action.

  1. Click the Edit icon.

  2. Update required fields.

  3. Click Save.

Sync Actions

A write-access user can sync an already configured action. This will trigger a re-evaluation of all the existing users and hosts and the selected action will be performed for all the matching users and hosts.

  1. Click the Sync icon.

  2. Enter the Time Period (in days). Only the records updated during this period will be considered while evaluating the business rule. Checking the All Time will evaluate the records from last year.

  3. Click Fetch. This will display the number of records this action will be performed on. Review this carefully as the next step cannot be undone from Risk Exchange.

  4. Click Sync.

Delete Actions

A write-access user can delete any of the existing configured actions.

  1. Click the Delete icon for the action you want to delete.

  2. Click Delete.