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Microsoft Office 365 Teams Audit Events

The following list of audit events are supported for Microsoft Office 365 Teams:

Event Name



A user adds a channel to a team.


A user deletes a channel from a team.


A team owner adds members to a team, channel, or group chat.


A team owner removes members from a team, channel, or group chat.


A user creates a team.


A team owner deletes a team.


The TeamSettingChanged operation is logged when the following activities are performed by a team owner.

  • Changes the access type for a team. Teams can be set as Private or Public (Team access type). When a team is private (the default setting), users can access the team only by invitation. When a team is public, it's discoverable by anyone.

  • Changes the information classification of a team (Team classification). For example, team data can be classified as high business impact, medium business impact, or low business impact.

  • Changes the name of a team (Team name).

  • Changes the team description (Team description).

  • Changes made to any of the team settings. A team owner can access these settings in a Teams client by right-clicking a team, clicking Manage team, and then clicking the Settings tab.