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Migrating Existing Google Cloud Platform Instances

For the existing Google Cloud Platform instance (created before release 56), you have the following migration options available:

  • Option 1: You can continue to use the existing Google Cloud Platform instance. Current definitions and audit logs will work as expected. However, existing instances cannot be edited from release 56 onward. The Grant Access button is disabled for the existing instance.

  • Option 2: You can delete the existing instance and create a new one. The recommended steps are as follows:

    1. Create a new Google Cloud Platform instance using the existing instance configuration.


      Before you create a new instance, you should create a service account, assign roles, add the service account to the organization scope, create an organization level sink, and enable APIs in the Google Cloud Platform. Follow the instructions at the beginning of this article.

      You may need the configuration setup of the existing instance. To view the configuration setup of the existing instance:

      • Click the Show Projects field and view the selected projects. You cannot edit the existing selection.

      • Click the Google Cloud Platform instance and view the configuration fields. You cannot edit any fields.

    2. Ensure that the new instance works as expected.

    3. Click the trash icon beside the old instance to delete the instance.

    After you grant access to the new Google Cloud Platform instance, the Google Cloud Platform delivers the audit logs to this new instance.