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Netskope Help

Migrating from CE 2.x to CE 3.x

To preserve existing data (indicators, plugin configurations) while migrating from any version of CE 2.x to CE 3.x, which includes Threat Exchange, Ticket Orchestrator, Risk Exchange, and Log Shipper modules, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your existing Cloud Exchange Directory.

    > cd netskope/ta_cloud_exchange
  2. Shut down your existing Cloud Exchange 2 instance.

    > docker-compose stop
  3. Remove existing container definitions. Note that this does NOT remove your data.

    > docker-compose rm  

    Confirm that Yes, you want to delete this.

  4. Make a backup of your Cloud Exchange 2 database.

    > cd ..
    mv ta_cloud_exchange ta_cloud_exchange_2_backup
  5. Install the new version of Cloud Exchange 3.

    cp netskope/
  6. Set database permissions.

    sudo chown -R 1001:1001 data/mongo-data
    sudo chmod 775 data/custom_plugins
  7. Copy your data from Cloud Exchange 2 to Cloud Exchange 3.

    sudo cp -R ta_cloud_exchange_2_backup/data/mongo-data/* data/mongo-data/data/db/
  8. Launch Cloud Exchange 3.

    > docker-compose up -d