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Netskope Help

Migrating from CE 3.x to CE 3.1.5

To preserve existing data (indicators, plugin configurations) while migrating from any version of CE to 3.1.5, follow these steps.

  1. Enter your existing CE directory.

    cd netskope/ta_cloud_exchange
  2. Shutdown and remove existing containers.

    docker-compose down
  3. Make a backup of your existing CE directory.

    mv ta_cloud_exchange ta_cloud_exchange_2_backup
  4. Clone the latest version of the CE docker-compose package.

    git clone
    cd ta_cloud_exchange
  5. Copy data from the previous CE instance to the latest CE instance.

    sudo cp -R ta_cloud_exchange_2_backup/data/mongo-data/* data/mongo-data/
  6. Execute the setup script and follow the steps.

    sudo ./setup
  7. Launch Cloud Exchange 3.

    sudo ./start