Netskope Help

MobileIron Cloud

Netskope supports using MobileIron Cloud for mobile device management (MDM) to allow iOS devices access to the Netskope cloud using the per-app VPN mode. This document explains how to deploy Netskope for iOS devices using the on-demand and per-app VPN mode.


Refer to MobileIron Cloud documentation for additional help.


To deploy MobileIron for iOS VPN, you can get the Netskope Root and Intermediate CA certificates from Netskope, or use your own Root and Intermediate certificates.

In the Netskope tenant UI, go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > MDM Distribution. In the Certificate Setup section of this page, download the Netskope Root and Intermediate certificates. If using your own certificates, downloading these certificates are not necessary. In either case, copy the tenant OU and Organization Name here. These are needed when enrolling the local certificate.

In the Create VPN Configuration section, copy the VPN Server Name, Organization ID, and PAC URL. These are needed for configuring the VPN profile. This page also shows the current VPN mode configured. Optionally, your administrator can have the on-demand VPN function set to always on therefore not requiring the connection to be triggered each time.

In the Upload Certificate section, upload new certificates to Netskope, or view and replace an existing certificate using the icons to the right of the registered certificate.