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Netskope Help

Netskope Client Overview

Netskope Client (henceforth referred to as Client in this doc) can be deployed as:

  • Installable App - On devices running Windows, macOS, and Android operating system the Client is installed as a lightweight non-intrusive application that steers traffic from the user's device to the Netskope cloud. You can download the Client from the Download Netskope Client and Scripts page.

  • Configuration Profile - On devices running the iOS operating system, the client is deployed as an On-Demand or a Per-App VPN configuration profile.


  • Release Number - Netskope Client uses 4-place version number system, for example: The individual digits represent release.major .minor.build_number respectively.

  • Client Golden Release - Golden releases are available every 3-months and support backward compatibility up to two previous versions. To know more about Golden release and download installers, see this Netskope Client Downloads article.

How it Works
Steering Configuration

A Steering Configuration is responsible for directing traffic from end-users to the Netskope Cloud. A Netskope tenant steers thousands of apps by default, but to ensure the correct traffic (cloud apps or all web traffic) is steered, modify the default steering configuration, or create a steering configuration; these configurations can be assigned to groups or Organizational Units (OUs) to allow granular steering within an organization.

Click here to read more about Steering Configuration.