Netskope Cloud Exchange

Netskope Cloud Exchange

Netskope Cloud Exchange (CE) provides customers with powerful integration tools to leverage investments across their security posture. CE consumes valuable Netskope telemetry and external threat intelligence and risk scores, enabling improved policy implementation, automated service ticket creation, and exportation of log events from the Netskope Security Cloud.

CE is run as an extensible platform with core code and plugins that are installed inside a Linux Docker environment maintained by each user.

CE comes with four primary feature modules that can be turned on or off as needed: Log Shipper, Ticket Orchestrator, Threat Exchange, and Risk Exchange. Risk Exchange has two workflows: User Risk Exchange and Application Risk Exchange. This document describes how to install the Netskope CE stack.

To learn about the Cloud Exchange release updates, go to Netskope Cloud Exchange Release Notes.

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Netskope Cloud Exchange

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