Netskope Dashboards

Netskope Dashboards

The Netskope UI Home page has customizable dashboards made up of widgets. You can customize the new dashboard by reorganizing the widgets and filtering their data. Additional widgets are available in the widget library.

The dashboard widgets present data at the highest level. From there, you can drill-down to see usage patterns around a group of users or a specific user. The same applies to applications and sites.

The first time you log in to your tenant, you can create your default dashboard by selecting the following pre-defined widgets that populate with your data:

  • Risk Insights: Select this option to learn more about your cloud usage. A dashboard report shows usage metrics like top applications, users, and other risky trends.
  • API Data Protection: Select this option if your monitoring and controlling data stored in sanctioned applications. This dashboard will tell you about DLP incidents and other policy violations.
  • Real-time Protection: Select this option if you are steering traffic through Netskope in real-time. This dashboard will show metrics like top applications, anomalies, and policy violations.

Once you create your dashboard and widgets, it appears as your home page each time you log in to your tenant.



The summary widget is not available for API Data Protection.

The Summary section shows the information discovered in your tenant, such as:

  • Applications: Provides application information like name, risk level, users, sessions, and bytes
  • Sites: Provides detail about the sites users are visiting, how often, analyze, and export site information
  • Users: Provides user information like email address, reputation, application and session counts, and total bytes
  • Total Bytes: Provides the total percentage of bytes uploaded and downloaded for your users
  • Total Sessions: Provides the total number of sessions for all your users

Click the See Recommendations button to view detailed recommendations for getting the most out of Netskope and securing cloud services. Recommendations include:

  • Continuously securing cloud services and assessing risk
  • Blocking the most risky cloud services and coaching users to alternatives
  • Safely enabling sanctioned cloud services
  • Safely permitting unsanctioned, yet necessary, cloud services

You can show or hide the summary section. To hide the section, click Edit > Hide Summary. By default, the Summary section displays.

Adding Widgets

You can add up to 20 widgets on your home page. From the widget library, you can drag-and-drop widgets onto your dashboard.

Netskope supports role based access control (RBAC) for homepage dashboards. The visibility of the individual widgets on the dashboard and widget selection menu is dynamic based on the data permission assigned to the logged in user. For example, if the user has no view / edit permission for Incidents, widgets created based on the Incidents dataset is hidden.
  • Click the View more tags to see a full list of available tags.
  • Click a tag to view the available widgets or type the widget name in the search bar.
  • Click the gear icon to show widgets in use at the bottom of your home page or display them alphabetically.

Rearranging Widgets

Once the widgets are on your dashboard, you can rearrange the widgets by clicking the top of the widget and dragging to the new location anywhere on your dashboard.

Editing Widgets

Click the … icon to customize, remove, or clone the widget. If you remove a widget by accident, you can always add it again via the widget library. You can further customize each individual widget to view the desired data. Click the chevron pointing up or down see more or see fewer, details.

Customizing Widgets

Click the pencil icon > gear icon to view your customization options. Make your changes and click Update and click Done.

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