IP Allowlisting

IP Allowlisting

When configuring an IP allowlist, make sure you add your IP (shown in the IP Allowlisting dialog box) to the list to avoid disallowing yourself from accessing your Netskope tenant. In addition, add any other IP addresses that are needed to access your Netskope tenant, like an on-premise log parser (OPLP), Secure Forwarder, etc.


The IP Allowlist feature provides a pre-defined list of Netskope IPs. These are the IPs that Netskope personnel uses when connecting to your account for troubleshooting.

  1. Go to Settings > Administration > IP Allowlist and click Edit.
  2. Enter an IP address, range, or subnet. Multiple IP addresses must be separated by a comma. When finished, click +ADD.
  3. Enable the IP allowlist and click Save.
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