Create Administrators

Create Administrators

Login to the Netskope tenant UI as the tenant administrator. The default tenant admin username is nsadmin.

To create a delegated admin:

  1. Go to Settings > Administration > Admins.
  2. Click New Admin.
  3. Enter an email address (username) and for password, choose to generate a password automatically or create one. If you create a password, note the password requirements:
    • 8+ characters
    • A mix of lower/upper case, numbers, and symbols
  4. Select the radio button for how to provide the password for the new admin. Note the username and password if you opt to manually provide the password. Note the password restrictions for the admin user. If you use the default selection to generate a new password, the administrator is prompted to change the password upon first log in. You can delete the admin user any time.

    Select the role to assign the new admin. Your choices include:

    • Tenant Admin: Top level admin that has all privileges.
    • Delegated Admin: All privileges except managing other admins.
    • Restricted Admin: Has read-only access to all functions.
    • Cloud Intelligence Analyst: Has access only to reporting and analytics.
    • Application Risk Analyst: Can run reports and analytics and read the CCI.
    • Enterprise Applications Admin: Can manage the application CCI.
    • Directory Admin: Can manage users.
    • Security Admin: Can manage settings.
    • InfoSec Operations Admin: Can manage policies.
    • Compliance Officer: Can remediate DLP incidents.
    • Security Analyst: Can analyze malware and threat.

    For more details about access privileges for each of these roles, refer to Managing Administrators.

  5. Click Create to notify the new admin.
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Create Administrators

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