Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

The Advanced Analytics interface allows you to:

– Build custom reports by exploring complete events and alerts data and by using numerous visualizations

– Build reports from the Netskope library

Schedule and share reports

– Export reports

Reports are collections of one or more saved widgets/reports.


For added flexibility, you can import existing reports from the original reporting framework (Classic Reports) and switch back and forth between the New Reports and Classic Reports from the Netskope home page. The ability to switch back and forth is available during your trial period and once you purchase the full license, during your migration period. After the migration period, you will no longer need Classic Reports so you will not be able to switch back and forth.

You may come across some new terminology while using Advanced Analytics that differs slightly from the Classic Reports. Use the table below as reference.

Dashboard / ReportA collection of one or more saved reports, displayed as visualization or text tiles together on one page.
WidgetWidgets are a visual representation of a report that you add to a dashboard.
VisualizationVisualizations are different types of graphics and charts that best show off your data. You create graphics and charts based on the results of a report.
ExploreArea in the UI where you define the dimensions, measures, and other fields that are used in your report.
Personal folderA collection of our personal reports of which you only have access.
Group folderThis is your group’s folder. All users in your organization can access the items saved here.
Netskope Library folderA collection of most frequently requested dashboards. Use the items in this library to get started. You cannot edit them, but you can copy them to your own folder.
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Advanced Analytics

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