Using Cross-filters with Standard Dashboard Filters

Using Cross-filters with Standard Dashboard Filters

A dashboard can contain both cross-filters and standard dashboard filters. Cross-filters appear after standard filters at the top of the dashboard and are a darker blue. For example, the filter on User is a standard filter. The filters on Event Date and Traffic Type are cross-filters.


Cross-filters differ from standard dashboard filters in a few ways:

  • Cross-filtering must be enabled separately for your dashboard(s).
  • You do not need edit access to a dashboard to create or change cross-filters (you do need edit access to turn on cross-filtering for a dashboard).
  • Cross-filters cannot be configured with the same dashboard controls as standard filters.
  • Specific cross-filters are not visible to other users unless the cross-filtered dashboard is shared through a link or embedded into a website.
  • Cross-filters are not saved to the dashboard. Once you navigate away from a dashboard, cross-filters are cleared.
  • Cross-filters are not applied to dashboard downloads, schedules, or alerts.

While using cross-filters, you can make temporary changes to a dashboard’s filter values. However, if you create a cross-filter on the same field that a standard filter is using, the standard filter value cannot be changed until the cross-filter is removed.

If you have edit permissions for a dashboard, you can edit and create standard dashboard filters while cross-filters are enabled. However, entering edit mode to edit or add standard filters will clear any current cross-filters.

Sharing cross-filtered dashboards

Cross-filters are not saved to a dashboard. You can share them in the following ways:

  • By sharing a link to the dashboard
  • By embedding a dashboard that contains cross-filters

Drilling when cross-filtering is enabled

When cross-filtering is enabled on a dashboard, you can right-click to drill into the visualization’s data.

Removing cross-filters

There are two options to remove an individual cross-filter:

  1. Click the data point being cross-filtered again.
  2. Click the X next to the cross-filter value at the top of the dashboard.

If there are multiple cross-filters, you can clear them all by clicking the X to the right of the filter values at the top of the dashboard.

Entering edit mode also clears all cross-filters.

To learn more: Cross-filtering Dashboards, Adding Dashboard Filters, Supported and Unsupported Visualization Types

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Using Cross-filters with Standard Dashboard Filters

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