Using Range Selection

Using Range Selection

You can use range selection to cross-filter a dashboard on an entire range. To use range selection:

  • A dashboard tile must use a line, area, or scatterplot visualization.
  • The visualization must use continuous data in the x-axis, which is usually numeric data, data using timeframes, or data of a time-based type, although some timeframes and time types are not continuous.
  • The visualization’s x-axis Scale Type must not be Ordinal. If it is Ordinal, range selection creates separate cross-filters for each data point selected.

To use range selection, left click on one end of the range, and hold and drag to the other end of the range. When you release your click, the cross-filter will appear at the top of the dashboard and the other tiles will filter on that range. You cannot add additional values to range selection cross-filters.


For example, this dashboard viewer selected the days of March 17 – March 19. The range selected is shaded and the cross-filter appears at the top of the dashboard.

Non-continuous time types

The timeframes and time-based types listed below are not considered continuous. If you use range selection with them, a separate cross-filter is created for each data point that you select.

  • date_time_of_day
  • date_day_of_week
  • date_month_name
  • date_quarter_of_year
  • date_fiscal_quarter_of_year

To learn more: Cross-filtering Dashboards, Using Cross-filters with Standard Dashboard Filters

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Using Range Selection

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